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Creative Communications

Tolodo Ltd. are a forward thinking creative communications agency specialising in innovative local marketing initiatives and high quality creative solutions.


What's a Creative Communications Agency
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About Us

Tolodo is a leading creative communications agency. We provide solutions for SMEs, corporations and government agencies. We provide online and offline advertising in select markets.

We predominantly operate in Japan and the rest of South East Asia, but are able to work with clients worldwide.

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Our Service Portfolio

We offer everything you need to communicate with customers and visitors through digital and traditional means. We provide a complete range of marketing & design services including creative & design consultancy, company branding, publishing, web & digital media production and web development. Additionally we also provide the backbone to run those services including our own local advertising platform, private hosting, server security and enterprise grade email.

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We're Different!


When you're tired of high prices and fragmented services, come to us and get all your creative needs satisfied in one place at a price that fits your budget.

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