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Web Design


Already have a website? Move it to us and get free hosting with our SEO services. 95% of our clients rank on page 1 of Google. Say no more....


All the bells & whistles. None of the fuss. One unlimited managed plan. Takes the guesswork out of web hosting.


Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or a custom solution. We can help with whatever you need. We also do fruit as well as long as it's Blackberries or Apples.

Our Clients

Our clients include everyone from small family businesses through to multinational corporations, with business sectors including apparel, food and beverage, retail, real estate, car sales, military contractors and organizations amongst many more.

What's a Creative Communications Agency?


In non-geek speak we're a marketing agency with the aim of getting your messages across through the mediums of online services and print. We provide a complete range of marketing & design services including creative & design consultancy, company branding, publishing, web & digital media production and web development.


Additionally we also provide the backbone to run those services including our own local advertising platform, private hosting , server security and enterprise grade email. We specialize in multi-lingual design & development.


Where and when did we start?


We started our current business in 2008 and Tolodo Ltd. was incorporated in 2011. We have over 15 years experience of IT & Marketing services provided throughout the world to companies and organisations of all sizes.


What locations can we provide services in?


Our registered office is located in Hong Kong but we are also able to provide face to face meetings and services in Japan and Europe.


For many of our services we're also able to provide services remotely. If you're looking to get great value or advice on marketing solutions targeted at South East Asia or Europe, why not ask if we can help? Contact us here


Why You Need Us?


Maybe you've used creative agencies before or you're an entrepreneur starting on your first project. It doesn't matter the size of your enterprise or the field it operates in, what's important is that we help you to meet your marketing objectives by first understanding your business then developing a custom solution to your business requirements.


So many IT & marketing projects fail simply because the provider hasn't taken the time to research the client's business preferring to "get stuck in" with a solution that may not be what the customer needs.


We take that time to understand your business, brand and values then blend that with our know-how to provide a custom creative solution that covers all areas. We'll work with you to build a clear path and then implement that plan. That's one important process that sets us apart from others.




We love working with businesses of all sizes, with highly competitive prices, so whether you're just starting out and only need a logo or website or whether you're a multinational or government agency and need a full package get in touch.

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