Pro Hosting...included free!

All our design and development prices include free private hosting... oh, and we do cloud and CDNs

Web Design


Already have a website? Move it to us and get free hosting with our SEO services. 95% of our clients rank on page 1 of Google. Say no more....


Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or a custom solution. We can help with whatever you need. We also do fruit as well as long as it's Blackberries or Apples.



Globe with Filing CabinetAll our web design and development work includes hosting on our servers free of charge!


We're not talking about overloaded shared hosting either. Your site will be placed on our private servers with round the clock hardware and network monitoring as well as security surveillance. You don't have to take our hosting, you're welcome to use us for design and take it elsewhere, but most clients do. It's high quality hosting and makes taking care of your site a lot easier.


If you've got more extensive hosting needs to deliver multimedia content for example then we can provide implementations of various content delivery networks to suit your needs. We can supply solutions based on multiple CDN providers including Amazon as well as hybrid solutions that can use a mixed delivery method depending on the location of your primary customers as well as the type of website or media.


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