SEO (is not a dirty word)

We help you navigate the SEO & SEM maze to get the results you need!

Web Design


All the bells & whistles. None of the fuss. One unlimited managed plan. Takes the guesswork out of web hosting.


Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or a custom solution. We can help with whatever you need. We also do fruit as well as long as it's Blackberries or Apples.

Print & Publish

Whether it's a simple business card or a new identity for your business including signange, flyers and more we can help.

We can also help you develop your next magazine or book concept.



There seems to be a big mystery surrounding SEO with some firms portraying themselves as a spy who can infiltrate the walls of Google. We make SEO simple.


It starts with a high quality design, with all the bells and whistles that are necessary for Google and other search engines to index your site. Next, we move on to maintenance and help to move your site up the ranks.


We don't do "black hat" SEO and only work with methods that portray your brand in the best possible light. "Brand spamming" as we call it may work short time but the effects long term can be undesirable. We help with your SEO by helping your customers connect with what they are looking for in the most efficent way thus improving your rank in a positive way.


All positive - no negative vibes!


Where to Start?


If you don't currently have a website then if we're working with you to design something from the start we'll make sure that your new website has the basics that are needed to rank well. Often websites are designed without much thought to SEO, just the design. We take into account both the design and functionality needs of the site as well as the SEO.


If you have an existing site that's not performing as you'd like then we can work with you to improve your rankings. This often doesn't mean extensive design work but can include simple changes to your content, structure or tags to improve your rank.


Whatever you need we're happy to provide an initial assessment for free on issues with your site and how we can help.


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